Kogi Election: APC Hails Deployment Of Additional Policemen, Says Necessary To Forestall PDP’s Violence, Rigging Plans

By Amuda Dan Sulaiman FAB

The Secretary of the Media and Publicity Committee of the Kogi State 2019 Governorship Campaign Council, Dr Tom Ohikere has disclosed that the deployment of additional Police officers to oversee the forthcoming election in the state is a good thing as it would preclude the wanton destruction and plans by their main rival, the Peopls Democratic Party, (PDP) to rig the election.

The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, on Thursday deployed additional 35,000 policemen to Kogi State to ensure what he called “visibility policing ” of lives and property before and during the November 16 governorship election holding in the state.

Ohikere said the deployment is an indication that the plea of the APC about dastardly activities of the PDP is generating the required response. Because it is the only thing that can contain the fierce war disposition that has pervaded PDP campaign train.

Ohikere stated this when he spoke to some journalists on Friday in Lokoja. According to him, in the desperation of the PDP from the prospect of their defeat is leading them to seek out undemocratic means.

He said: ” This deployment is coming at an auspicious time, we can see the attitude of the PDP towards the electioneering and it is undemocratic and uncivilised, employing thugs and hoodlums to follow their campaigns and intimidate people where their candidate is not accepted.

“It is not longer hearsay, PDP agents have been caught red handed stock piling arms and unleashing carnage against the spirit of sportsmanship and democratic elections. We at the APC campaign council have had intelligence on the arrangements of the party.

“The APC have recurrently stated that it is committed to a peaceful poll even in the face of consistent attacks and vexation from the recruited arms men of the PDP.

“As the days goes by we are seeing the PDP in Kogi State return to their old ways of do or die politics. The APC under the incumbent Governor has done a lot in the area of security and peace so we cannot just allow all this to be undermined because of election.

” I hope the police will make the necessary arrest and facilitate the right ambience that will encourage the people to come out and exercise their franchise. The PDP wants to discourage voters turn out with their intimidation tactics.

“They know the momentum is against them, the know the people are united behind the candidate of the APC but what they fail to understand is that no amount of intimidation can change that.

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